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Fast Ion Conducting Composite Electrolyte for Solid State Electrochemical Devices

Composite electrolyte materials include composites comprising 8YSZ in a range of 50-95%, balance 3YSZ. Either the 8YSZ or the 3YSZ can be substituted with a composition having the general formula A.sub.1-x-yB.sub.xC.sub.y where: A=Zr.sub.0.84Y.sub.0.16O.sub.2; B=at least one of the following: Zr.sub.1-xD.sub.xO.sub.2 where: D=at least one of the group Mg, Ca, Sc, and Y, and x=0.03 to 0.16; and Ce.sub.1-xRE.sub.xO.sub.2 where: RE=at least one rare-earth element and x=0.05 to 0.20; C=Al.sub.2O.sub.3 where y=0 to 0.20. The composite electrolyte materials are useful in solid state electrochemical devices such as solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Material Sciences
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