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Sulfur/Carbon Composites and Additives for Li/S batteries

In this invention we disclose a cathode structure and a class of additives that can significantly improve the cyclability of Li/S batteries and promote the utilization of sulfur in the battery cycles. The first part of this invention describes a bimodal porous carbon that has been synthesized as high surface area cathode material for Li/S batteries. The large internal porosity and surface area of the micro-mesoporous carbon is essential for retaining sulfur in the cathode and therefore maximize the capacity and lifespan of the cathode. The second part of this invention provides a class of additives, which could improve the cyclability of the Li/S battery and the utilization of sulfur at the cathode. After the addition of an additive to the electrolyte, the cycle life of the Li/S batteries was extended to over 100 cycles with the discharge capacity over 1000 mAh/g.

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