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GNSTD Fact Sheet

Point of Contact: Division Director: Alan S. Icenhour, Ph.D.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory P.O. Box 2008, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6315 Phone: 865-576-5315; FAX: 865-241-4412 E-mail: Global Nuclear Security Technology Division Mission: Research, development, and deployment of science and technology for nuclear nonproliferation, safeguards, threat reduction, transportation security, and related areas.

Leadership Areas: Nuclear Radiation Detection Safeguards Systems Development, Testing, and Deployment Comprehensive, Integrated Safeguards and Security Program Development Export Control Implementation Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Safeguards and Security Information and Knowledge Management Nonproliferation Systems, Policy, and Logistics and Controls Global Threat Reduction Transportation Security and Technology Material Protection Systems International Safeguards and Collaboration Nonproliferation and Safeguards Education Facilities: Radiation Detection Laboratories Safeguards Laboratory Containment and Surveillance Systems Laboratory Radiation Portal Monitoring Laboratory Radioactive Material Shipping and Storage Packages Packaging Research Facility Sponsors: Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration DoD, DHS, NRC, and other government agencies

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