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Raptor: An Enterprise Knowledge Discovery Engine

Enterprises generate large quantities of information contained in documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and databases. This information is stored across file shares, intranet portals, user desktops, and other business unit applications.

Combined with a lack of structured organizational tools, keywords, tags, or other automated retrieval tools, organizations struggle to index, search, and find information across these disparate platforms.

Raptor, an enterprise automation and collaboration software developed by ORNL, integrates ORNL’s Piranha, a knowledge discovery engine and R&D 100 award winner, with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Included in this application are MS OCS, Office, Search, and SharePoint directories and files that form a knowledge management platform, as well as Wikis, tag clouds, and other applications.

By incorporating the Piranha search capability within SharePoint, Raptor allows users to coordinate research activities across the globe in near real time. Data visualization of search results is provided by Piranha functionality. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis and Integration Services (SSAS, SSIS) and other business intelligence (BI) tools are used to find and render information. Cross-agency collaboration concerns such as data locality, multi-tenancy, security, and access controls allow for increased partnership and knowledge sharing.

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