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Instrument 1B

For more information, contactInstrument Scientist: J rg Neuefeind,, 865.241.1635 Scientific Associate: John Carruth,, 865.574.3026 NOMAD is a high-flux, medium-resolution diffractometer that uses a large bandwidth of neutron energies and extensive detector coverage to carry out structural determinations of local order in crystalline and amorphous materials. The instrument enables studies of a large variety of samples, ranging from liquids and solutions, glasses, and nanocrystalline materials to long-range-ordered crystals. The enhanced neutron flux at SNS, coupled with the advanced neutron optics and detector features, allows for unprecedented access to high- resolution pair distribution functions, small-contrast isotope substitution experiments, small sample sizes, and parametric studies.

Applications Environmental (e.g., solvent) effects on and direction of nanoscale structure formation In situ structural changes in nanoscale oxide catalysts used in automobile cata- lytic converters Structure of hydrogen storage materials under in situ conditions Transient structures of materials under extreme conditions (e.g., at high tem- perature or high pressure under the influence of transient fields or in metastable states) 06-G01633B/gim Specifications Moderator Decoupled poisoned supercritical hydrogen Moderator- to-sample distance 19.5 m Sample- to-detector distance 0.5 3 m Wavelength range 0.1 3 Detector angular range 1 175 scattering angle Initial coverage 4.0 sr Full detector complement 8.2 sr Flux on sample ~1 x 108 neutrons cm-2 sec-1 March 2010 Status: To be commissioned in 2010

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