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Instrument Cg4d

MAATEL Cold neutron guide hall.

For more information, contact Instrument Scientist: Flora Meilleur,, 865.241.2897 IMAGINE is a state-of-the-art neutron image plate single-crystal diffractometer. It will provide atomic-resolution information on chemical, organic, metallo-organic, and protein single crystals, enabling new understanding of their chemical, physical, and biological structure and function. Research at IMAGINE will benefit communities with interests in pharmaceuticals, minerals and other inorganic crystals, small molecules, molecular organo-metallic crystals and metal-organic frameworks, and molecular crystal structures. It will also enable the neutron crystal structure of oligo- nucleotides and proteins to be determined at or near atomic resolutions (1.5 ).

The IMAGINE team welcomes discussion and interaction with the scientific community throughout the installation and commissioning phase of the instrument and is excited to start working with the community to build an excellent education and science program. The acquisition and installation of IMAGINE is supported by the National Science Foundation.

10-G00322/gim Applications Protein Structure-Function Hydrogen atoms in proteins Enzymology Ligand complexes Drug design Supramolecular Crystallography Single-molecule magnets Metal-organic frameworks Polyoxometalates Materials Under Extreme Environments 1 Mb and cryogenic temperatures Phase transitions Magnetic transitions The acquisition and installation of IMAGINE is supported by the National Science Foundation. Award to Tibor Koritsanszky, Middle Tennessee State University.

Flux 5 109 n/s/cm2 Cross section 10 x 19 mm wavelengths minimum 2, 3, 3.5 wavelengths maximum 3, 4, 4.5 Detector Neutron image plate Detector size 1200 x 450 mm Pixel size 125, 250, 500 m Sample- to-detector distance 200 mm Goniometer Single Phi rotation axis Specifications Cryogenics High-temperature furnaces Pressure cells March 2010 Status: To be commissioned 2011

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